Services Provided


Our services include a thorough evaluation, medication management, patient education and may serve as a complement to a patient’s current treatment team.  Our belief is that the patient benefits most by following the psychiatric evaluation with a dynamic and in-depth plan of action which is focused on the emotional and physical health of the patient.  This treatment plan can include medication for the diagnosis and short-term or long-term counseling or psychotherapy. 

Diagnosis and Treatment Specializations Include:

Mood and Anxiey Disorders

  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Suicide Prevention
  • OCD, GAD (excessive worrying), PTSD, Social Phobias.

Psychotic Disorders

  • Schizophrenias, Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Severe Personality Disorders:

  •  Borderline, Narcissistic Personality Disorders

Substance Use Disorders

  • Alcohol Use Disorder
  • Opiates, stimulants, hallucinogen and tobacco Use Disorders
  • Outpatient detoxification and monitoring  
  • Medication Assisted Treatments.

I work with a wide range of behavioral and emotional disorders and also provide medication prescription and management.  I believe that a thorough psychiatric evaluation, in addition to complementary therapeutic approaches (medication, counseling/psychotherapy) provide the best outcome for the patient.  We have a supportive and compassionate environment, and will work with you as a unique individual to address your concerns.